PhD Program

author: time:2018-08-22

PH.D Degrees Supervisors Fields of Research

English & American Literature

Zhang Jian

English & American poetry in 19-20 Century

Ma Hailiang

Modern British Novel/Western Literary Theory

Jin Li

American Novel in 19-20 Century/Feminism

Zhang Zaixin

English & American novel / Western Literary Theory

Tao Jiajun

English Literature & Intercultural Studies

Contemporary Western Critical Theory

Wang Liya

English Fiction and Narrative Theory

Pan Zhiming

American novel

Geng Liping

Jane Austin’s novels

Alice Munro’s novels

Zhao Guoxin

Contemporary Western Literary Theory

Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

Zhou Yan

Foreign Language Education

Lan Chun

Cognitive Linguistics

Zhang Lian

Applied Linguistics

American & European Studies

Sun Youzhong

American Studies

Wang Zhanpeng

European Studies

Xie Tao

American Politics

Li Liwen

American Studies

Translation Studies

Ma Huijuan

Translation Theory and Translation Teaching

Zhang Wei

Translation Studies

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