MA Program

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MA Degrees Courses
English undefinedamp; American Literature Classical Literary Theories

Modern Critical Theories

Narrative Theories

Bibliography/Research Methodology

Consumer Culture and Its Literary Representations

Critical Theory of Western Marxism

Postcolonial Literature

Chaucer and Milton


Eighteenth-Century English Literature

Nineteenth-Century English Novels

Twentieth-Century English Fiction

British Poetry

Nineteenth-Century American Novels

Modern American Novels

Contemporary American Fiction

American Poetry

British and American Drama

American Women’s Novels

Chinese American Literature
Linguistics undefinedamp; Applied Linguistics Syntax


Foreign Language Education: Theories, Concepts and Issues

Academic Reading and Writing


Research Methods (Quantitative part)

Research Methods (Qualitative part)


English Stylistics


Second Language Acquisition

Systemic Functional Grammar


Discourse Analysis

Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics

Schools of linguistics

Applied Linguistics
British Studies British Political History

Contemporary British Society

European Union Studies

Research Methodology

Contemporary British Culture

British Economy

British Constitution

British Economic Issues

Britain on Screen

British Foreign Policy
Australian Studies Australian History

A Survey of Australian Literature

Australian Social and Cultural Issues

Development of Australian Nationalism

Australian Great Books

Australian Gender Studies

Translating Australian Literary Works into Chinese

Australian Political System

Australian Economy and Sino-Australian Economic Relations

Australia-China Relations

Current Australian Political Issues

Australian Public Governance

Australian Language and Society

Australian Cinema
American Studies Introduction to American Studies

Issues in American History (prior to WWII)

Myths in American Culture

Gender and Sexuality/Race and Ethnicity

Asian American History/Experiences

American Foreign Policy from Independence to WWII

American Constitution

Post-WWII U.S. Diplomatic History

Structure of American Business


American Intellectual History

Asian American Literature

African American Literature

American History after WWI

History of Sino-U.S. Diplomatic Relations

Think Tanks undefinedamp; Their Influence on America’s China Policy

American Trade Policy

American Cultural History

American Religion

Discovering America through Movies

Film theory and American Film

World Politics in the Age of American Primacy

Introduction to American Politics

American Economic Development

Mass Communication, Culture and New Media

Political Communications(American context)

Public Diplomacy:Image, Identity, and U.S.-China Mutual Perceptions

American Energy Policy

China, U.S. and the World Economy

Discovering America through Movies
Master of Translation undefinedamp; Interpreting Elementary Interpreting

Elementary English-Chinese Translation

Introduction to Translation Theory

Literary Translation

Computer-aided Translation

Audiovisual Translation

Commercial Translation

Intercultural Communication

International Politics and Economy

Guest lectures on Translation and Interpreting

Workshop for News Translation/Transediting (EC/CE)

Legal Translation

Intermediate Interpreting

Localization and Translation Project Management

Translating Traditional Chinese Cultures
Translation Studies Academic Writing in Translation Studies

New Perspectives in Translation Studies

Contemporary Translation Studies

Culture and Translation

Interpreting Practice

Guided Reading in Translation Studies

Translation and Power

Specialized Translation

Interpreting Practice

Research Methodologies in Translation Studies

Specialized Translation

Translation Practice

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