BA Program

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BA Degrees Course Name
English undefinedamp; American Literature Introduction to Literature

English Literature (I)

English Literature (II)

American Literature (I)

American Literature (II)

The Bible and Literature

Classic British Essays

Shakespeare and His Plays

Criticisms: Literature and Society

Modern Bildungsroman

Victorian Novel

Readings in English undefinedamp; American Poetry

Short Stories and Western Culture

Western Drama

Chinese American Literature

Women and Literature

City and Literature

Utopia and Dystopia

Children’s Literature and Cultural Criticism
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Introduction to Linguistics

Meaning of Language

Language and Cognition

Research Methods for Linguistics

Sounds of Language

Introduction to Pragmatics

Introduction to Morphology

Discourse Analysis

Second Language Acquisition

Language and Society

Comparative Studies on English and Chinese

English Stylistics

History of English

History of Chinese linguistics

Psychology of Language

Corpus Based Language Studies

Major Issues in Applied Linguistics
Social and Cultural Studies Research Methods for Social Science

Cultural Theory and Popular Culture

Gender and Society

Social Change

Media and Society

Social Problems and Public Policy

Cultural Sociology

American Society and Culture

British Society and Culture

Canadian Literature and Culture

Australian Society and Culture

American History

British History

Intercultural Communication

China on Screen/ English Films: Theory and Practice/ Western Culture and Film

Media Literacy/ Creativity and Fallacies in the Media/ Media Discourse Analysis

Buddhism in Chinese Culture

Classics of Chinese Thought

Western Values: A Cultural Critique

Global Warming And The Sustainable Society

Classics of Western Thought

Western Civilization with Chinese Comparisons
Political and Economic Studies Introduction to International Relations

Chinese Foreign Policy

Research Methods for Social Sciences

Introduction to Economics

American Government

International Political Economy

China and the World Economy

International Organization and Global Governance

U.S. Foreign Policy

History of Sino-American Relations

Politics of Contemporary China

Classics in Political Science

Comparative Politics

A Survey of American Economic History

Contemporary Chinese Political Economy

European Integration

International Relations of the Asian-Pacific Region
Translation undefinedamp; Interpreting Fundamentals of Translation

Translating English Literature into Chinese

Translating Traditional Chinese Cultures into English

Translating Western Thoughts into Chinese

Translating Chinese Literature into English

Translating Chinese Thoughts into English

Fundamentals of Interpreting

Gateway to E-C Consecutive Interpreting

Headway in E-C Consecutive Interpreting

Gateway to C -E Consecutive Interpreting

Headway in C -E Consecutive Interpreting

Culture and Translation

History of Translation

Aspects of Translation

E-C Contrastive Linguistics for Translation

Exploring Interpreting Studies

Translation of Political Documents and Current Affairs (C-E)

Translation in Trade and Commerce

Intermediate Translation

Intermediate Interpreting

Translating English Documents for UN and NGOs

Mock Conference Interpreting

C-E Sight Interpreting

E-C Sight Interpreting

Appreciating Established Translations

Translation of Pragmatic Texts

Legal Translation

English Language Skills Public Speaking in English
(required for all degrees) Interpersonal Communication

Debating in English

English Intensive Reading (1): Language and Culture

English Intensive Reading (2): Literature and Life

English Intensive Reading (3): Society and Individual

English Intensive Reading (4): Philosophy and Civilization

Narrative Writing in English

Expository Writing in English

Argumentative Writing in English

Academic Writing in English

English Pronunciation undefinedamp; Phonetics

English Listening (1)

English Listening (2)

English Grammar: Knowledge and Skills

E-C Translation

C-E Translation

E-C Interpreting

C-E Interpreting

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