Li Liwen

author: time:2018-08-22

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Degree PhD(Beijing Foreign Studies University)

Title Professor


Taught Courses American Constitutional Law;American Trade Policy Since 1934;Academic Writing

Research Areas Second Language Writing, Intercultural Communication, Global Studies, US Foreign Economic Relations

Education 2002-2007: Beijing Foreign Studies University, PhD
1990-1993: Beijing Foreign Studies University, MA
1986-1990: Beijing Foreign Studies University, BA

Academic Titles Editor of China ESP Journal; Member of International American Studies Association; Member of China Research Association of American History

Overseas Experience 2001.8-2002.6:DePaul Law School, USA, visiting scholar

Publications 2009: The Formulation and Application of Five U.S. Trade Acts, Beijing: FLTRP
2011: Research on English Writing and Critical Thinking Development,, Beijing: FLTRP
2013.3: “National English Matriculation Reading Section and Critical Thinking Development”, Shandong
Foreign Language Teaching
2012.11:“Surveying and Rethinking Henan’s International Image”, Academic Journal of Zhongzhou
2011.9: “CBI & ESP in Relation to the Teaching Reform of College English for English Majors and Non-English
Majors”, Foreign Language Research
2011.5: “On Fast Track of the US”, International Forum
2011.5: “Audience Issue in English Writing and Critical Thinking Development: An Action Research”, Foreign Language of China
2011.3: “A Survey on Writing Ability of the Freshmen of English Majors ”, Journal of Beihang University
(Social Sciences Section)
2011.1: “Critical Thinking Oriented Assessment Design of English Writing”, Foreign Language and Foreign Language Teaching
2010.11: “On the Relationship Between Skills Course for English Majors and Critical Thinking”, Foreign Language of China

Research Projects 2014-2017:“Risk Prevention Strategies of Chinese Companies’ M&As in North American and European
Countries”, National Social Sciences Fund Project
2013-2015:”Chinese Companies’ M&As in G8″, BFSU Planned Project
2011-2012: “International Communication and Brand Building Strategies of Central Plains Economic Region”, Henan Province Philosophy and Social Science Research Major Project

Awards & Honours 2008: First Prize, Beijing Municiple Education and Teaching Achievement, awarded by Beijing Education Committee.
2011: “Individual Achievement in Beijing Matriculation Test Writing Research”, 2011, awarded by Beijing Recruitment and Examination Committee.
2011-2012: “Achievement in Research”, awarded by Beijing Foreign Studies University
2013: “New Century Talent Support Scheme”, awarded by Ministry of Education.

Invited Lectures 2014-6-25:“Critical Thinking-oriented Teaching Reform on Writing Course”,Beijing International Studies University

Keynote Speeches 2009-10-10:“Sino-US Trade Relations During George W. Bush’s Administration” , 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Sino-US Diplomatic Relations High-Level Academic Forum, organized by American Studies Center of East China Normal University

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