Canadian Studies Centre

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Canadian Studies Centre

Early endeavors to teach and research in Canadian Studies date back to the 1980s, when a couple of professors in the then English Department offered courses on Canadian history and culture. The Centre for Canadian Studies was re-launched under the School of English and International Studies (SEIS) on May 9, 2006.

The Centre offers a unique opportunity for the study of Canada from a variety of perspectives. Major areas of research and teaching include Canadian politics and foreign policy, Canada’s social issues and social/public policy, Canadian economic history, and Canadian literature and culture. At present, the Centre has eight faculty members and two guest professors. The current director of the Centre is Professor GONG Yan. Undergraduate courses offered by the Centre include “Understanding Canada” and “Themes in Canadian Literature and Culture”.

In 2007, the Centre launched an MA program in Canadian Studies, the first of its kind in Chinese universities. Courses offered at the graduate level include Introduction to Canadian Studies, Introduction to Political Science, Canadian Politics and Government, Canadian Foreign Policy and Canada-China Relations, Canadian Literature and Culture, Canadian Economic History, Women Writers and the Transformation of Canadian Society, History of China-Canada Relations and so on.

Every year, the Centre invites guest speakers from Canadian universities and research institutions to give lectures or offer mini-courses to the students. Faculty members in the Centre are also active in attending conferences and symposiums both home and abroad. We have established academic relations with researchers and professors from about 8 universities. Several papers have been published and 6 books or textbooks are being compiled by faculty members. We also successfully hosted the 14th ACSC biennial conference — “Inheritance and Development: Canada and China in the Context of Globalization in the 21st Century” — in October 2010.The Centre, with the support from the Canadian Embassy to China, is working on establishing “The Canadian Studies Resource Centre” in BFSU.

The Center also sponsors students’Canadian Studies Club and helps organize various activities to promote Canadian Studies in China. It has helped to hold the annual Canadian Cultural Festival for five years in a row, successfully hosted “From Beijing to Vancouver,” an Olympics-themed national English speaking contest.

Faculty Members

FU Meirong, Professor
Research Area: Canadian Economic History

LI Qikeng, Professor
Research Area: Canadian Government and Politics

GONG Yan, Associate Professor
Research Area: Canadian public and social policy

GENG Liping, Associate Professor
Research Areas: Canadian Literature, Bibliography, British Literature

ZHAO Dong, Associate Professor
Research Areas: Canadian Literature,Zen Poetry of North Amercian

WANG Wenli, Lecturer
Research Areas: Canadian Women Writers, Immigration Policy and Multiculturalism

ZHANG Xiaoyi, Lecturer
Research Areas: China-Canada Relationship, Public Diplomacy

WANG Shiyu, Lecturer
Research Areas: Sports Journalism, New Media Technology and Theories

DONG Yikun, Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Canada-China Relations, Canadian Government

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