Center for English and American Literature Studies

author: time:2018-08-22

The Center has a long-standing commitment to excellence, a commitment that dates from the time of the late professors Wang Zuoliang and Zhou Jueliang. With a team of professors and researchers recognized a among the best in China, the Center has been able to gather students outstanding in study while attracting visiting scholars from across the country. Currently it has 60 graduate students, including 20 PhD candidates. Moreover, a dozen visiting scholars are working with the Center, under the guidance of ot only the Center’s senior members but also internationally renowed scholars from abroad. Epitomizing the prestigious position of the Center in China’s academic community of English and American literary studies are stacks of academic works, textbooks and handbooks published by its members. The Center encourages its members to exert their utmost to contribute to the development of their respective academic fields. It spares no effort to help the students deepen their understanding of humanities and develop a creative ritical thinking needed for a successful career in the future.

Graduate Faculty

Professor ZHANG Zhongzai

Professor QIAN Qing

Professor WU Bing

Professor ZHANG Yun

Professor HE Qixin

Professor GUO Qiqing

Professor JIN Li

Professor ZHANG Zaixin

Professor ZHANG Jian

Professor HOU Yiling

Professor MA Hailiang

Professor TAO Jiajun

Professor PAN Zhiming

Associate Professor ZHOU Wei

Associate Professor WANG Xiaomei

Associate Professor LIU Kuilan

Associate Professor LI Yuan

Associate Professor ZHANG Feng

Major Courses

American Drama

American Poetry

American Women Writers


Chaucer and his Tales

Classics of Western Literary Theory

Consumer Culture

Contemporary American Fiction

Contemporary Western Literary Theory

Eighteenth Century English Fiction

English Poetry

Feminist Reading

Modern American Fiction

Modern English Fiction

Chinese American Literature

Practical Criticism

Shakespearean Drama

Victorian Fiction

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