Summer Course

Our summer school has been in collaboration with the University of Adelaide for two years. The summer course for next year is scheduled on 1-20 July 2016, offering 10 lectures on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature by three Chinese professors and 7 workshops on Creative Writing by Professor Nicholas Jose, School of Humanities, University of Adelaide. The students to be enrolled consist of 15 undergraduates from the University of Adelaide and other international students. Participants are expected to arrive on July 1 and start their course on 4 July 2016. They will go on cultural tours on 9-10 July and 16-17 July 2016 respectively. The following is the course description.

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

This course aims to provide students with the most fundamental knowledge of modern and contemporary Chinese literature from the 1910s to the present day with the coverage of the most famous literary figures and their representative works, thus familiarizing them with the development and mutations of Chinese literature in the past 100 years. In order to show the historical continuity of literary tradition the first two lectures are designed to give a general introduction to traditional Chinese literature. The course consists of 10 lectures, each for 3 hours. Lecturing and discussion are the main forms of in-class activities.

For students’ on-campus accommodation (Guojiao Building), the standard fee is 110 yuan per day. The meal card fee is 300 yuan per person. The Internet Access fee is 100 yuan per person.

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